mandag 20. mai 2013

HUMAN ROOTS the Project

En workshop med norske og palestinske kunstnere, 2. - 12 mai 2013 utstilling 12.mai - 31. august.
Jeg ble bedt om å skrive ned noen tanker om det med røtter før vi startet prosjektet.

Human Roots
Are roots related to countries, land, places, houses,
or people, family, friends, language?
My roots can be replanted and I can plant my roots wherever I want
lucky me, coming from a place that has acquired such opportunities.
Other people on the other hand cannot replant their roots even
if they never so much wanted to.
They are not welcomed; they do not have the same opportunities,
but are considered suspicious, fortune hunters, criminals….
Some people want to stay where they have their original roots
they are chased away, deported, removed, abused, arrested,
their homes are destroyed, demolished, cleared from the ground.
I look at our beautiful planet and think we are all part of it
I do not understand the word: - BORDER -
I know that my roots belong to a world without borders.
Käthe Øien

In cooperation with Lene E. Westerås og Marie Skeie laget vi dette stykke "landart" : "Njords Ghost Net"
med teksten: In the Norse mythology the sea giantess Rán uses a fishingnet to trap lost sailors. The norse God Njord is assosiated with the sea, seafaring and fishing. Our intensions are not to trap, but to let free - so we are using the term Ghost Net. The ghost nets are nets that have been lost at sea. We beleave that this net escaped and is now resting at the Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter.

 Seashells from Gaza
 Fishnets from Gaza

 Fishnet from Hardanger

 Rubberband from Vestbredden
The meaning was: the net should be overgrown by nature, 
flowers and grass until the end of the exhibition
sadly it was remowed some days after we, the artists left Hardanger.